It’s 9h30 on the last Sunday of August. The first of the five runs in the city route, from the El Embudo zone, is beginning. The tension in the old town centre is palpable, people impatiently lining the streets with the first shouts of «they’re coming, they’re coming!» The bulls begin the 970-metre route along the streets that will lead them to the bull ring, accompanied by the most daring runners. Five minutes of nerves, tension and excitement, along calle Resina, calle Las Parras and the Avenida de los Toreros.

 Basic Tips

Particularities of the Cuéllar Run

– It is important to know how the countryside livestock run went. If it was complicated, the bulls will be tired, scattered in almost all sections of the bull run, and go slower. If it went normally, you should keep in mind that up until the Los Coches square, you’ll need to hurry to get a spot. After this, from calle Las Parras, you will have a section to run and cool down until the Paseos de San Francisco. The bull run then tends to divide into groups, and you can pick which one is best for you, but there is more competition in this section. Entry into the Bull Ring doesn’t tend to be problematic. Although there is a scheduled, specific time for the bull run, you should remember that it can always take place later, with no set time. Transfer through the countryside isn’t always easy, and delays are bound to happen.- Although it depends on how the bull run comes, the race exit refuge area is always to the left in almost all sections. It’s especially dangerous to seek refuge on the right during the first section.- The countryside livestock transfer ends where the shelters begin, which is where the horses are withdrawn.

General Tips 

– Don’t run if you are pregnant.

-If you have decided to run, pick which part you’re going to run beforehand, where you will start your race and where you will stop. Know the space well (the slope, conditions, shelters, spectators and racing companions).

– Only run if you are in good physical condition.

– If you see someone in poor condition in the bull run, invite them to leave.

– Minors under 18 years of age are not allowed in the bull runs.

– If you fall in front of the herd, do not get up until it has passed.

– Do not bring wands or objects that could harm the bulls, or cause other runners to fall.

– Find out how the bulls tend to act in the selected section.

– Find out about healthcare stations nearest the selected section.

– Attempt to avoid getting nervous and crossing in front of the race, you are putting your racing mates in danger and making yourself more visible to the bulls.

– Clothing should be tight-fitting, thus avoiding it getting hooked or caught on bullhorns.

– Wearing a belt is not advisable, but if you do, it should be elastic.

– As a spectator, help the runner when seeking shelter in the fenced area.

… and as a general rule: before beginning the bull run, ensure the distance you want to be from the herd, wear comfortable clothing, sneakers, do not carry other objects, don’t stop in the middle of the bull run and do not touch or provoke the bulls.