Discover the festival

Both if you’re joining the Bull Run festival as a runner or as a spectator, or if you’re coming to enjoy the festive environment, you should remember our recommendations to enjoy «ALL THE FESTIVAL,» because each moment will be unforgettable.

You absolutely must know the festival’s scheduling so you don’t miss out on anything. There are performances and events for all ages all day long.

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 Before the festival

Even though the festival does not officially begin until Saturday afternoon, when appointing the magistrate’s wife and the proclamation from Town Hall’s balcony, the week prior hosts important events, such as concerts, exhibitions, theatre, athletic contests, etc. As we say around here, «it’s starting to smell like bulls.» However, for city inhabitants, the most exciting moment before the festival is the «A POR ELLOS» CONCERT, on the Sunday before, in the La Soledad square, played by the Municipal Music Band, with hundreds of people dancing «A por ellos,» a traditional jota from Cuéllar for the Bull Runs.

The day everyone takes to the street is Friday, kicking off the festival lighting, tasting lemonade and listening to brass bands on the street, with the first open-air concerts.