Horseback riders

«It’s 8 in the morning the first day of the bull run. The corral doors open, under the astonished gaze of the herd. The first few seconds, you can already feel the tension in the dust-raising stampede, covering shouting, nerves and running bulls, curious onlookers and horseback riders accompanying the beginning of the bull run through the countryside»

The Country Run is accompanied by horseback riders along the herd’s route, in six sections dividing the countryside trajectory: The corrals, the pine forest, the Cerquilla arroyo, the SG 112 motorway, the rest area and the Embudo.

The countryside section is an important part of the bull run. Successfully leading the herd into the Embudo area depends on how well it is steered, so they can continue with the city route under the best conditions. For this reason, horseback riders must always follow the country run managers’ instructions: Country Director and/or people in charge of steering the animals.


The countryside transfer travels from the corrals where they are released, along the Campestre River, to the final section at the EMBUDO, next to the city streets, where the passage of the bulls must not be hindered.


– Corral zone where the bulls are released.

-The run through the pine forest.

– The bulls go along the Cerquilla arroyo.

– The SG-112 motorway between Cuéllar and Dehesa Mayor.

– The rest area for the bulls.

– The Embudo.